Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012.02.08



Expert Meeting on Technical and Logistical Support under the PCC SEE

The two-day meeting will bring together PCC SEE Contracting Parties' national experts who will focus on topics related with logistical and technical support under the PCC SEE as well as the experts with backgrounds in logistical support, radio-telecommunication systems and forensics from all PCC SEE Contracting Parties and donor countries and supporting EU Member States and PCC SEE observer countries. The meeting will be held under the auspices of the Romanian PCC SEE Chairmanship-In-Office.

The participants will focus on options how to improve performance and ensure compatibility in specific areas of cooperation where technical and logistical aspects play a crucial role, i.e. radio-telecommunications, forensic activity and logistical support. In order to ensure compatibility and harmonisation in these areas when proceeding with the implementation of the PCC SEE, they will seek to provide a thorough overview/list of rules, equipment, procurement plans, as well as national experiences (also gained through the PCC SEE exercises) and best practices.

Chaired by Slovenia from 01 January to 30 June 2024 / Next Chairmanship (1 July - 31 December 2024) by Albania