08.10.2010, 16:57

Cross-border Surveillance Excersise between Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first Cross-border Surveillance Exercise was held from 5-8 October 2010 between Montenegro and BiH. The Exercise was held by Mr. Thomas, Senior Adviser at PCC SEE Secretariat. Beside the police officers of the surveillance unit of General police directorate (Ministry of Interior of Montenegro), who conducted the practical part of the Exercise, the Exercise was attended also by observers from EUROPOL, RCC, SIPA BiH, Border Police BiH, General police directorate – Criminal police directorate of Republic Slovenia, and Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo.

Mr. Pepper presented surveillance as a special investigation method, as well as legal aspects of the Cross-border Surveillance, PCC SEE Manual, uniformed documentation method and the Tracking systems. The participants become acquainted with the legal basis of the cross-border surveillance (i.e. Articles 11, 14, 15, 22 and 23 of the PCC SEE).  

After conducting the 2-days of practical exercise, i.e. Ordinary and Urgent surveillance, the Exercise was evaluated by Expert and observers, identifying the legal and practical problems when conducting the surveillance on the territory of the other country. The conclusions will be of the utmost importance for the bi-lateral Agreement between Montenegro and BiH.

The next cross-border surveillance exercise will take place between Serbia and Macedonia in the first week of November 2010.