20.02.2012, 17:21

AEPC Conference and the 1st AEPC Governing Board meeting

AEPC (Association of European Police Colleges) and Swedish National Police Academy organised the AEPC Conference and the 1st AEPC Governing Board meeting in Solna, Sweden, from 14-15 February 2012.
The main topic of the AEPC Conference held on 14 February 2012, was the “Police Interviews in connection with Human Rights”. At the conference the presentation of the latest research in the field of investigative interviewing and so called PEACE approach (P = planning and preparation, E = engage and explaining, A = account, C = closure, E = evaluation) was made, as well as a police interview procedure in BaH, experiences of police interviewer of major crimes in Serbia, a study that reveals how normative advice in literature on Police Interviews of suspects often stands in conflict with Human Rights, and a new Guidelines on Human Rights Education for the Law Enforcement Officials.

The next day, the Governing Board Meeting led by Mr Maurice Petit took place. The cooperation agreement with OSCE was signed and during the meeting Mr Petit highlighted already signed agreement with DCAF and the PCC SEE Secretariat. The work of the Secretariat in generally was presented at the meeting and the achievements in the field of education and training were stressed, especially so far prepared curricula and forthcoming meeting of the Thematic Working Group on Education and Training.

At the end of meeting the participants from AEPC member states elected a new president who became Ms Helena Martini. Mr Maurice Petit announced his retirement in May 2012 and thanked all of participants and organizations for their support in the last years.