04.12.2014, 13:25

PCC SEE Ad Hoc Working Group on Data Protection

Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia - The third meeting of the PCC SEE Ad Hoc Working Group on Data Protection was organised under the auspices of the Bulgarian Chairmanship in Office, in cooperation with the PCC SEE Secretariat, in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, between 1 and 3 December 2014. The two-day meeting brought together national representatives of both data protection and law enforcement authorities from the Contracting Parties, as well as representatives from Eurojust and the General Secretariat of the Council of EU. The mandate and task of the working group is to agree on all details for the execution of the specific evaluations and to monitor the respecting of PCC SEE provisions with regard to data protection, and having in mind all necessary evaluations have been successfully performed as a precondition for the exchange of information, the discussion focused on the need for updating the group’s tasks. The participants agreed that emphasis should be given to the aspect of monitoring, therefore they specified and drafted a new set of tasks in this regard. Their proposal will be further presented to the Expert Working Group and the Committee of Ministers for adoption. Discussion was also initiated with regard to inspections performed on national level and handling of data subjects’ complaints.