01.06.2015, 17:15

Fast Active Search Teams (FAST) Conference within PCC SEE

Belgrade, Serbia - The PCC SEE Conference on Fugitive Active Search Teams (FAST), held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 27-29 November 2015, was opened by Mr Bogoljub Živković, Deputy Director of Serbian Police, who emphasized the fugitive active search as a contemporary form of international cooperation and that the advantages of this type of cooperation can already be shown in the countries of the Southeast region, and Mr Ottavio Bottecchia, Head of PCC SEE Secretariat, who briefed the participants on the overall progress in the PCC SEE implementation process.

The conference continued with the topics where the participants addressed the state of play of the Contracting Parties at national, bilateral and multilateral level with regard to the FAST Units. Austrian and Hungarian FAST Teams presented the structure of the FAST units, the general overview of tasks and work methods used to facilitate the search of a fugitive, as well as a successful case examples, emphasising the importance of forming the unit to capture fugitives, hard type criminals who committed serious crimes and escaped trying to evade justice. CEPOL, as an important role player in the field of training and education, presented the FAST Training Course as a joint activity organised with Europol, and at the same time the EUROPOL also presented the modus operandi of the ENFAST Network which was established to support the FAST units while performing the fugitive active search by using special techniques and tools provided by Europol to capture the criminals on the run.

As an outcome of the discussions held during the meeting, the participants agreed to meet at least once per year by establishing the PCC SEE FAST Network with the aim to achieve a common standard by forming the bases for stronger, more coordinated and standardised way of communication and cooperation between the PCC SEE Contracting Parties related to the fugitive active search.