07.10.2016, 11:51

Coordination Meeting of the Incoming PCC SEE Trio Chairmanship

Ljubljana, Slovenia - In view of ensuring more coherence, consistency and continuity in the PCC SEE implementation process, the PCC SEE Committee of Ministers in 2013 agreed to introduce a Trio PCC SEE Chairmanship mechanism. The three consecutive chairmanships to cooperate in a triple-shared chairmanship as of 1 January 2017 are Romania, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Slovenia. Representatives of the three Contracting Parties met on 6 October 2016 and defined the framework and priorities to be followed in view of an enhanced implementation of PCC SEE provisions in practice and established PCC SEE solutions with a long-term perspective. The 18-month work programme will be presented for endorsement to the Expert Working Group on 7-9 November 2016 and the Committee of Ministers on 15 December 2016.