17.07.2017, 09:22

Strategic Coordination Meeting and 3rd Ad Hoc Meeting on Automated Exchange of Data within the PCC SEE

Vienna, Austria - On 11-12 July 2017, the PCC SEE Secretariat and the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior convened a strategic coordination meeting on automated exchange of data within the PCC SEE region. In view of the upcoming meeting of the PCC SEE Committee of Ministers, the high-level representatives of all eleven Contracting Parties presented the state of play in obtaining the mandate for official negotiations, as well as discussed the challenges and further steps to be taken in achieving the practical implementation of this EU Prüm-inspired framework. In parallel, an expert-level meeting took place among IT experts of the Contracting Parties’ authorities, hosting the national DNA, dactyloscopic and vehicle registration data databases, and representatives of the authorities responsible for national IT communication with EU networks. The meeting resulted in finalising the text of the draft user manual on the communication infrastructure, which concluded the drafting of all necessary documents to establish an EU Prüm-inspired framework for the PCC SEE region. Representatives from DG DIGIT and EUCARIS attended both meetings and provided valuable first-hand information on the technical and organisational issues related to automated exchange of data.