06.11.2009, 15:06

Meeting with EUROJUST and EUROPOL

On 5 and 6 November 2009 Mr. Anton Travner, Acting Head of the PCC SEE Secretariat, and Mr. Thomas Pepper, Senior Advisor, met with the top management of Eurojust and Europol, within the formal meeting of PCC SEE Secretariat with the EU agencies.

On 5 November 2009 Mr. Anton Travner and Mr. Thomas Pepper, met with Mr. Jose Luis Lopes da Mota, President of Eurojust, and Ms. Malči Gabrijelčič, Head of the Unit for external relations of Eurojust.

Main objectives of the meeting were the introduction of PCC SEE Secretariat and its work, which is seen by the EUROJUST as a backbone for police and also judicial cooperation in the Western Balkan region and since this area is one of the key priorities for EUROJUST the work of PCC SEE Secretariat can be used as a legal tool for cooperation between EU and non EU countries. EUROJUST promised the full support to the Secretariat. 

The same day they also met with the Europol representatives, Ms. Christa Bauer, from the Serious Crime Coordination Department, Mr. Steve Harvey, from the Crimes against Persons Unit, Mr. Paulo Borges, from the Forgery of Money Unit, and Mr. Peeter Palo, from the Organised Crime Groups Unit.

Western Balkan region is also a high priority of Europol and the conclusions of operational agreements are still on their agenda. Strategic agreements are so far signed with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Moldova, however they are not in force in all the countries.
Europol is highly interested in increasing the cooperation with the PCC SEE Secretariat and has carefully checked the draft of PCC manual and found it absolutely useful. 
In order to have one unique understanding on Joint Investigation Teams in Europe, Europol supported PCC SEE Secretariat in the establishment of JIT’s in the way and spirit of Eurojust and Europol.

On 6 November 2009 Mr. Anton Travner and Mr. Thomas Pepper, met with Europol Director, Mr. Rob Wainwright.

The PCC SEE, Secretariat, SPEP and ongoing activities were presented and also the thanking note for the support of Europol during the convention implementation process. Mr. Wainwright was highly interested about the key recommendations of the Ministers and the upcoming data protection evaluations due to the interest of Europol in the conclusion of bilateral operational agreements with the PCC countries. 
The discussion about the possible involvement of Europol in the operational cooperation was opened and this issue will be a matter of a deeper and detailed discussion in the near future.

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