13.04.2010, 09:21

Tour des Capitals - Bulgaria

On 7 April 2010 Mr. Anton Travner, Head of PCC SEE Secretariat, met with Mr. Veselin Vuchkov, Deputy Minister of Interior, Ms. Snezhana Maleeva, Acting Director of EU and International Cooperation Directorate, and Ms. Milena Dzhumayska, Expert at EU and International Cooperation Directorate and National Contact Point for PCC SEE.
The topics of the meeting were the priorities of the Bulgarian Chairmanship-in-Office and the fortchoming meeting of the Committee of Ministers, which will be held on 21 May 2010 in Sofia. Mr. Travner informed them on the implementation of the Communication Strategy for PCC SEE Secretariat and other issues related to the Work Programme of PCC SEE Secretariat.

On the margins of the meeting Mr. Travner held a lecture on PCC SEE at the Police Faculty of the Academy of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior.