22.01.2010, 06:42

Meeting with European Commission Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mr Thomas Pepper, Senior Adviser, met with Dr. Brigitte Kuchar, EC Delegation Bosnia, and Mr Alexius Schubert, Europeaid, Program Development Expert, from the 20-21 January 2010 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The meeting was of the utmost importance since Ms Kuchar has a running twining project in Bosnia and Herzegovina for data-protection evaluation. Since the PCC SEE Secretariat is targeting with the PCC data-protection evaluation project the results could speed up the process regarding data-protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The EC delegation Bosnia was to identify possible involvement of the PCC SEE Secretariat in the IPA 2010 project in Bosnia and Hezegovina which will start latest by the end of 2011.

It was also agreed that EC will inform the Secretariat about all future planned twining projects in all PCC SEE countries.

At the margin of the meeting Mr Pepper also met with Ms Ankica Tomic, Head of the International Department at the Ministy of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the delegation from the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Dragan Vukadin and Mr Marko Knežević, regarding the Expert Mission Meeting which will take place from 17-19 February 2010 in Sarajevo.