19.04.2010, 13:28

3rd Meeting of the Expert Working Group - postponed

The meeting of the Expert Working Group, planned to take place on 19 to 20 April 2010 in Moravske Toplice, Slovenia, was cancelled due to the restriction in air traffic. Despite the fact that all flights scheduled for Monday were confirmed, a day before till noon on Monday, representatives from five Contracting Parties were not able to travel to Slovenia. After consultation with the Bulgarian Chairmanship-in-office we took the decision to cancel the meeting.

Common agreement how to proceed was accepted.

For four topics from the Expert Working Group agenda, according to the Committee of Ministers Rules of Procedure, will be launched a silent procedure. These four topics are urgent and three out of four will be on the agenda for the Committee of Ministers.

All remaining topics for discussion are going to be on the agenda for the postponed meeting of the Expert Working Group which will take place a day prior to the Committee of Ministers in Sofia in Bulgaria, from 19-20 May 2010.