14.10.2010, 10:11

Annual meeting of the OSCE Border Security and Management National Focal Point Network

The Annual meeting of the OSCE Border Security and Management National Focus Point Network was organised by the OSCE, Conflict Prevention Centre, Borders Team and was held in the Hofburg Congress Centre in Vienna, Austria, from 12- 14 October 2010. The Annual Meeting was attended by OSCE participating States and experts from UNCTAD, HM Revenue & Customs, SECI Centre, MARRI, UNHCR, DCAF, PCC SEE Secretariat, RCC and others.

The meeting was opened with welcoming remarks from the Deputy Director of the Conflict Prevention Centre for Operation Service and the Head of Borders Team. The Principal of the OSCE Border Management Staff College (BMSC), Mr Alain Scolan, presented the background information on the OSCE BMSC foundation and development as well as the further activities planned. Otherwise a BMSC, hosted by Tajikistan, was launched on 27 May 2009 and was established to serve as a single point of knowledge delivery for international standards and best practices concerning all aspects of border security and management, which means from strategy to technology.

On behalf of PCC SEE Secretariat Mr Stanislav Veniger attended the conference where he presented to one of the working groups the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe as an Effective Instrument for Police Cooperation in the region.

The Annual Meeting was divided into next working group sessions, namely:

The WG SESSION I   (12.10.2010)
WG I:   Border Security and Management and Trade Facilitation
WG II:  International Relations, Cross – Border Cooperation, Operational Cooperation, Cross- Border Cooperation in Emergency Situations
WG III: Education and Training

The WG SESSION II  (13.10.2010 morning session)
WG I:   Border Security and Management and Combating Terrorism, Trafficking in Human Beings, Drugs Trafficking, Irregular Migration
WG II: Democratic Control of the Security Sector Reform and Public Relations
WG III: Technical Means and IT Solutions in Border Security and Management
                                      (13.10.2010 afternoon session)
WG I: Comprehensive Border Management, National Border Management and Control Policies, Strategic Thinking
WG II: Leadership and Management, Integrity and Fight against Corruption