27.10.2010, 22:50

AEPC Conference and Governing Board Meeting, Madrid

The AEPC Conference on “Key elements for the integration of Practice and Theory in the Police Training and “Human rights” and Governing Board Meeting, took place in Madrid, Spain, from 26-27 October 2010.

A two day meeting of the AEPC was another in the series of meetings that are to demonstrate the resolve of the Police Colleges to enhance their cooperation as well as to achieve a high level of training of their respective  police officers, in full accordance with the European standards.

On the first day of the meeting two objectives were achieved: first, the participants learnt about the Spanish police training process, including the Operational Center in Linares and also received the presentation of the FRA (EU Agency for Fundamental Rights).

The Governing Board meeting, held on the second day, was the opportunity for the AEPC members to receive information on different issues from the Agenda, including cooperation with FRA, CEPOL, PCC SEE Secretariat, recent developments within MEPA, reflection on future ESPOCs  and on new initiatives, as well as the reflection on the AEPC activities in 2011.

It was decided that the Memorandum of Understanding between AEPC and the PCC SEE Secretariat will be signed at the 14th ERWG meeting organised by CEPOL in Lisabon, Portugal, from 2-3 November 2010.