04.11.2010, 16:53

14th External relations working group meeting

The 14th External relations working group meeting took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 2-3 November 2010. In the presence of seven members of the ERWG, the Belgian Presidency, two observers from the EU, Cyprus and Greece, two candidate countries, Croatia and Turkey, two new partners to be, Georgia and the Secretariat of the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE), the ERWG met for the third and last time in 2010.

At the meeting the Secretariat of the PCC SEE presented the request for cooperation, aiming at securing long term cooperation with CEPOL. The working group on harmonized training elaborated different draft common curricula (train the trainers) and would be happy to get access the experience from CEPOL to avoid overlapping, with a European perspective in mind.

The recommendation from the ERWG to the Strategy Committee is to move on with PCC SEE after having checked the legal advice from the council of the EU.

The group will meet again three times in 2011. The next meeting will be held in Warsaw, Poland on 10-11 February 2011. Subsequent meetings will be held respectively in Estonia (7-8 July 2011) and in Romania (7-8 November 2010).