06.12.2010, 22:23

CEPOL Conference on Police Cooperation with European Neighbouring Countries

The European Police College CEPOL in cooperation with Italian Interagency College of Advanced Studies for Law Enforcement Officials with the support of France and Germany and the contribution of AEPC (Association of European Police Colleges) organised the conference on Police Cooperation with European Neighbouring Countries which took place in Rome in Italy, from 1-3 December 2010.
CEPOL conference was the natural continuation of the first ENC (European Neighbouring Countries) Conference held in Rome from 16 to 19 December 2009. At the first conference the participants agreed to be in favour of an enhanced co-operation and considered the Rome Conference as a significant step toward the establishment of solid relations with CEPOL.

The 2nd conference, was organised with the aim to help CEPOL and the ENCs to better understand how to formalize in practice police co-operation projects. So the objectives were to present the work and aims of CEPOL as an EU agency, in the light of the Paper on External Relations Policy, to exchange information on the current situation in the field of police education and training in the EU and its neighbouring Countries, to update the status of the co-operation between CEPOL and Police Educational and Training Institutions from neighbouring Countries and to identify further common needs and interests in the field of police training.