27.06.2011, 09:56

Exchange of information on Forged and Fake Travel Documents initiated under the PCC SEE

On 16th May 2011, the information exchange on forged and fake documents was successfully launched among the PCC SEE Contracting Parties. This is considered an important step in the strengthening of our cooperation to ensure a greater security of our borders and common security area, modelled upon the already existing EU system iFADO (Intranet False and Authentic Documents Online) serving to exchange information among EU Member States.
A year ago, a Decision of the PCC SEE Expert Working Group established a Thematic Working Group on Information Exchange regarding Forged and Fake Travel Documents within the PCC SEE. The Contracting Parties had recognised the PCC SEE Convention as a possible platform and legal basis for mutual cooperation and information exchange in this area. The Thematic Working Group, held in March 2011, decided on the establishment of National Contact Points in individual Contracting Parties and agreed on all necessary details to enable an efficient information exchange.

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