21.11.2011, 10:22

6th Committee of Ministers

The sixth meeting of the Committee of Ministers, organised under the auspices of the Montenegrin Chairmanship in Office and co-organised by the PCC SEE Secretariat, was held on 17 November 2011 in Pravets, Bulgaria. The meeting was convened on the margins of the Salzburg Forum Ministerial meeting. In attendance were Ministers and authorised representatives from the Contracting Parties, as well as representatives from Hungary, Slovenia, European Commission, CEPOL/AEPC and SELEC.

The outcomes of the meeting, chaired by the Montenegrin Minister of Interior, Mr. Ivan Brajovic, and co-chaired by the head of the PCC SEE Secretariat, Mr Anton Travner, are as follows:

The Committee of Ministers welcomed the priorities of the Montenegrin Chairmanship in Office and wished them much success during their mandate. They also welcomed the priorities of the upcoming Romanian Chairmanship of PCC SEE during the first half of 2012, assessing their proposals as useful and consistent.

The Committee of Ministers took note of the report by the Expert Working Group, acknowledged the work of all experts involved, and encouraged them to continue with their excellent methods of approach.

The Committee of Ministers welcomed the accession of the Republic of Austria represented for the first time as a full member at the CoM meeting. They welcomed its willingness to contribute to the common endeavours of the PCC SEE community, and stressed their contentment with the expanding of the PCC SEE community.

The Committee of Ministers adopted the Decision on the Fulfilment of Preconditions arising from the PCC SEE in the Area of Data Protection for the Republic of Albania. They declared that with the adoption of this decision the Republic of Albania is enabled to exchange information under the PCC SEE which includes personal data.

The Committee of Ministers also adopted the Decision on the Amendment of the Rules of Procedure for Evaluations in the Area of Data Protection under PCC SEE, providing the inclusion of assessments that are part of Europol’s Data Protection mechanism in the process of concluding operational agreements with third countries, and thus also enabling the Republic of Macedonia to exchange personal data within PCC SEE.

The Committee of Ministers took note of the training curricula elaborated by the Thematic Working Group for Police Education and Training within PCC SEE. Furthermore, they also took note of the state-of-play regarding the national procedures in their respective countries and reconfirmed their commitment to upscale their efforts in their establishment.

The Committee of Ministers endorsed the Work Programme of the PCC SEE Secretariat for 2012, and expressed their full support for a timely implementation of the goals and tasks it defines.