14.12.2011, 10:58

Cross-border Surveillance exercise between Serbia and Bulgaria

The first cross-border surveillance exercise between the National Surveillance Units of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia took place on 5-9 December 2011, in Sofia. The exercise, performed under Article 11 PCC SEE, was organized by the Ministries of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria and Serbia, the Federal Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Austria and the European Commission, and supported by the PCC SEE Secretariat.
The basic workshop and theoretical part of the exercise were organized in Sofia, followed by a two-day field exercise and concluded with an evaluation on the final day. This was the first time that Serbian surveillance teams  participated in a joint cross-border surveillance exercise with a surveillance unit from an EU State. The aim of such an exercise, being to increase the knowledge of police practitioners and the understanding of cross-border surveillance, as well as advance and intensify the cooperation between the SEE countries in this area, was met. In addition, a network of informal contacts was established.