05.12.2011, 13:08

3rd Annual Regional Ministerial Conference

3rd Annual Ministerial Conference 'Regional and Transnational Cooperation in the Fight against Organised Crime in Souteast Europe: Challenges and Achivements' took place in Belgrade, from 29-30 November 2011. The Regional Ministerial Conference were organised under the Serbian Chairmanship of the Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP), Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI) and the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative.
The Conference was an excelent oppurtunity for making an overview of the current cooperation of the Ministries of Interior, Ministries of Justice and Prosecutor's Offices, but also to evaluate regional, EU and trans-national perspectives as well as progress achived in improving efforts in fighting organised crime. This high level meeting was a chance to reinforce commitment towards finding more effective methods of cooperation in creating a society governd by the rule of law.

Special attention was given to the present most pressing issues regarding combating organised crime, drug trafficking and anti-coruption. First being the initiative of the Republic of Serbia for the establishment of 'the Regional arrest warrant' and the second is the initiative of the Republic of Slovenia on regional accession to the Lugarno Convention on Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Judgements in Civil and Commercial Matters.

Chaired by Slovenia from 01 January to 30 June 2024 / Next Chairmanship (1 July - 31 December 2024) by Albania