24.01.2012, 11:43

CEPOL Director welcomes Secretariat of the Police Cooperation Convention for South Eastern Europe (PCC SEE)

CEPOL, the European Police College hosted a delegation from the Secretariat of the Police Cooperation Convention for South Eastern Europe (PCC SEE) to Bramshill on 23 January 2012 to investigate areas for future joint cooperation.

CEPOL Director, Dr Ferenc Bánfi welcomed the PCC SEE delegation which was led by Mr Anton Travner, Head of Secretariat. Discussions focused on concrete ways to engage and cooperate more closely with the countries in the region in order to facilitate the achievement of European Partnership objectives. Among the topics discussed was the role of the Convention in facilitating access of selected members of the PCC SEE to CEPOL activities. This means that selected members may be able to take part in CEPOL’s European Police Exchange Programme, courses and seminars, as well as the range of web-based learning activities.

The PCC SEE brings together, as Contracting Parties, south eastern European countries, including Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. The PCC SEE fosters modern forms of cooperation between Contracting Parties, such as joint threat analysis, liaison officers, witness protection and undercover investigations. The full implementation of the Convention will thus help those signatory countries not members of the EU to accelerate their eventual accession. For all Contracting Parties, participation in CEPOL training and learning activities will facilitate further cooperation not only between PCC SEE members but also between law enforcement personnel from across the EU.