20.04.2012, 11:30

Communication and Cross-border Surveillance Exercise between BiH and Montenegro

The cross-border Communication and Surveillance exercise took place from 18-19 April 2012, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The exercise, performed under Article 14 PCC SEE was organised by the Directorate for the Police Coordination Bosnia and Herzegovina (DPC BiH), State investigation and protection agency (SIPA), BiH Border police, Federal police department, and under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s office of BiH, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Interior of the Republic of Austria, and supported by the PCC SEE Secretariat.

The exercise consisted of the Federal Criminal Police Office Vienna carrying out police investigation against a certain Austrian Citizen and other associated suspects (primarily not yet identified). In order to prevent further criminal offences and to disclose the criminal organisation, the abovementioned police agencies in BiH have been requested to surveillance the primary suspect during his stay in Sarajevo until the other accomplices have been precisely identified, and to deliver the existing investigative results for the pending criminal procedure in Austria against the primary suspect.

During the exercise, DPC BiH coordinated the activities of the police agencies in BiH, under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s office of BiH, and in cooperation with the Federal ministry of Interior of the Republic of Austria and the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro. The operative technical supervision in field was conducted by the unit for operative tactical supervision from SIPA, BiH Border police and the Federal police department.

The aim of the exercise was to demonstrate the readiness of the BiH Police agencies and the Prosecutor’s office of BiH to implement the provisions of the PCC SEE and to stand firm in the fight against serious crimes.

The value of the exercise is that its successful realisation contributes to the improvement of cooperation between the BiH Police agencies and the police agencies of other PCC SEE partner countries, in the field of information exchange and cooperation.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Thomas Pepper at thomas.pepper@bmi.gv.at.

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