21.11.2013, 10:44

Workshop on DNA Information Exchange took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia

On 20th November 2013, the PCC SEE Workshop on Cross-Border DNA Data Exchange took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The workshop brought together forensic experts and experts on cross-border information exchange from all 11 PCC SEE Contracting Parties. Based on the decision of the national Police Directors-General at their September meeting at Brdo, Slovenia, the Workshop discussed in detail the elements of the future project to aim for the realisation of automated cross-border DNA data exchange within the entire PCC SEE area. They reconfirmed the need for a Prüm-like instrument in cross-border police cooperation between their countries.

Mr Anton Travner, Head of the PCC SEE Secretariat, welcomed the participants and presented on the PCC SEE implementation, with a special focus on information exchange aspects of this common legal instrument. Experts were familiarised with the legislative and technical solutions,good practices as well as challenges of those Contracting Parties that are also EU Member States and have implemented the Prüm Decisions. They were familiarised with the overall status in Prüm implementation at EU level and the relevant statistics. The future project, which will be prepared by the Secretariat with the assistance of the Contracting Parties, will consider the specific needs of each country as well as their achievements so far. It was agreed that a thorough on-the-spot analysis is to be conducted in the initial phase of the future project. In addition to a multilateral treaty, corresponding with the EU and Prüm standards, the gaps in national legislations should be addressed as regards the national dimension (interagency cooperation and availability of DNA capacities) of a future Prüm-like instrument. The event was co-chaired by Ms Jelka Klemenc, DCAF Ljubljana, and Mr Dušan Kerin, Head of International Police Cooperation Division within the Slovenian General Police Directorate.