20.11.2014, 09:47

The First PCC SEE Region-Wider Cross-Border Police Cooperation Exercise executed between all PCC SEE Contracting Parties

PCC SEE Countries - The First PCC SEE Region-Wide Cross-Border Police Cooperation Exercise, codenamed Trappers 2014, executed under the auspices of the Republic of Bulgaria Chairmanship-In-Office, supported by EUROPOL and the PCC SEE Secretariat, took place from 10-19 November 2014 between the PCC SEE Contracting Parties.

The exercise was the largest in its kind ever executed within the PCC SEE framework. The exercise lasted for 10 days, with persons under surveillance travelling over all 11 PCC SEE Contracting Parties. During the surveillance activities over 250 highly trained surveillance operatives were engaged for surveillance of 10 persons. The operational headquarters was hosted by EUROPOL, which also provided the analytical support it normally provides in real cases, and additionally hosted the “Acting Liaison Officers” from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. During the exercise over 100 messages have been exchanged over SIENA, 5 additional pretended persons with standing international arrest warrant have been discovered and a large amount of weapons and drugs seized.

Chaired by Slovenia from 01 January to 30 June 2024 / Next Chairmanship (1 July - 31 December 2024) by Albania