26.02.2015, 14:42

Ad Hoc Meeting of Legal Experts on DNA

Ljubljana, Slovenia - A strong need for enhanced information exchange within PCC SEE, including automated DNA exchange, was identified on many occasions in the past. Activities in 2014 strengthened the harmonisation process within the PCC SEE area with the existing EU standards and PrĂ¼m solutions. This time the representatives from the PCC SEE region with a legal background and a thorough overview of the DNA exchange focused on reinforcing the overall drafting process of the common multilateral agreement for automated DNA exchange, which is to be followed by parallel implementing agreements. In addition, they also started a discussion on possibilities for common support and development of DNA structures in the region, seeking for active engagement of Contracting Parties in the future bi-/multilateral cooperation activities. The meeting, which was organised under the auspice of Hungarian Chairmanship-in-Office and in co-organisation with the PCC SEE Secretariat, took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 16-18 February 2015 with the financial support of the SPCP 2012-2016 and EC ISEC co-funded projects.