23.06.2015, 09:28

Meeting on Taking Over the PCC SEE Chairmanship

Budapest, Hungary - A meeting on the incoming rotation of the Trio PCC SEE Chairmanship took place in Budapest on 23 June 2015. It was attended by national representatives of the incoming Trio PCC SEE Chairmanship - Macedonia, Moldova and Montenegro - and representatives of the Hungarian Chairmanship-in-Office and the PCC SEE Secretariat. The aim of the meeting was to establish efficient and smooth cooperation, coordination and communication during the upcoming 18 months, to facilitate a more efficient procedure of handing over the PCC SEE Chairmanship, and to achieve a continuous implementation of PCC SEE priorities. The practical and strategic priorities of the new Trio, included in their work programme, were endorsed by the Committee of Ministers at their recent meeting in May 2015.