18.03.2016, 12:21

16th Expert Working Group Meeting

Chisinau, Moldova – The 16th meeting of the PCC SEE statutory body - the Expert Working Group (EWG) – convening the national members of all 11 PCC SEE Contracting Parties, took place on 17 and 18 March 2016 in Chisinau, under the auspices of the current Moldovan PCC SEE Chairmanship-in-Office and with support from the PCC SEE Secretariat.

The main topic of the meeting was the progress in the implementation of the PCC SEE. The Secretariat presented the draft report on its recently performed monitoring activities, which focuses on the ten selected bodies/areas within the PCC SEE implementation process through their effectiveness and performance, sustainability and relevance. The EWG supported the endeavours of the Secretariat in the PCC SEE monitoring system and attached high value to the draft report, its findings and recommendations.

As one of its tasks, the EWG members drafted the agenda for the upcoming 15th meeting of the PCC SEE Committee of Ministers, to be convened on 10-11 May 2016 in Vienna. In light of the meeting coinciding with the 10th anniversary since the signing of the PCC SEE, it was agreed that the respective ministers should review the accomplishments in the PCC SEE implementation process and discuss the future outlook, including an EU Prüm-inspired model for the PCC SEE region. The Secretariat has also prepared a brochure for this occasion, marking the developments in the PCC SEE implementation process over the past ten years.

DCAF used the opportunity to inform the EWG members about the progress in the implementation of the SPCP 2012-2016 Programme, the results of the SDC Mid-Term Review and the future outlook.