13.11.2017, 15:04

Strategic Meeting outlining IISG priorities against Serious and Organized Crime in the WB Region

Jable, Slovenia - Between 9–10 November 2017, the PCC SEE Secretariat convened a regional strategic policy meeting to outline the priorities against Serious and Organized Crime in the Western Balkans to plan the second pillar of the “Integrative Internal Security Governance”, where the PCC SEE Secretariat has been granted the role of Lead Partner and is in charge of coordination. The IISG has been hosted by DCAF Ljubljana as of 8 September 2017. Criminal police and Ministry officials from Western Balkan beneficiaries and PCC SEE Contracting Parties, Europol, UNODC and other major international partners in this field prepared the policy basis to continue drafting the first multi-annual Integrated Plan of Action (iPA) of the 2nd IISG Pillar – the “Western Balkan Counter-Serious Crime Initiative - WBCSCi”. The iPA will enable the WB Beneficiaries, the EU and the international community (donors of external assistance) to address the challenges of Serious and Organized Crime in the period 2018-2020 in coordinated manner and in line with the principle of regional ownership as provided by the IISG policy framework. The event was hosted by the Centre for European Future Slovenia, and was supported by the Italian Ministry of the Interior, the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the PCC SEE Secretariat.